Sarah Deragon Short Bio:

Sarah Deragon is a portrait photographer, specializing in portrait and corporate photography. She and her wife, Natalie Josef, own Portraits To The People, a small client-friendly, customer service-oriented photography business in San Francisco. 

Sarah Deragon Long Bio:

Sarah Deragon is a San Francisco-based portrait photographer and owns Portraits To The People with her wife, Natalie. Sarah quit her full time day job in August 2012 to start her own photography business and hasn't looked back since. Portraits To The People is a small client-friendly, customer service-oriented business that specializes in not so corporate headshots, online dating photos, family photo sessions, and corporate photography. Sarah believes that portrait photography is of the utmost importance in today's society because of the increasingly digital lives we lead where you get only one chance to make a first impression.

Photos of Sarah Deragon For Press/Blogger Use Only:

The following images are additional photos for use on blogs and in print media. For print publications, high resolution images are available upon request. 

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