When did The Identity Project launch?

In January 2014, the first photo from The Identity Project (one of me as a Queer Femme) was posted on Facebook and a call out for participants was put out  on social media. What I thought would be a small photo project, only 50 portraits or so, grew exponentially when I received over 250 requests to be photographed within the first month of the project being launched. I photographed folks in the Bay Area for half of 2014, and then I decided to do an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10k to travel to other US cities. So far, I've photographed folks in New York, Chicago, Portland and Austin. In September 2015, my wife and I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to have the first ever exhibition of the project and we also did a presentation about the project at the annual event there called QueerFest. You can see all of the photos from St. Petersburg, Russia by clicking on this gallery. 

Where can I keep up with The Identity Project?

You can like The Identity Project's Facebook page or follow along with the project on Instagram

How do you choose the people that will be photographed?

Everyone interested in the project will fill out an intake form and I invite people to be photographed. I'm committed to reflect the beautiful diversity of our LGBTQ communities and am actively seeking participants who are POC, trans*, bisexual, youth, elders, disabled, immigrants and otherwise identify outside of the mainstream lesbian and gay culture.

How can I become part of the project?

When applications are open for the project, I will provide a link to an application form on the front page of the website. I handle all requests on a first come, first served basis. All communications about being part of the project are sent via email. 

How do you help people prepare for the photo sessions?

When I schedule people, I send along a pretty extensive email advising them on what to wear, what not to wear and what to expect. Most importantly, I ask people to practice their facial expressions/poses in the mirror beforehand. You would be surprised at how much better photos are when you actually practice what your face looks like in the mirror. 

What happens after the photoshoot?

After the photoshoot, I send along 2-4 photos for the participant to choose from. Their top favorite photo goes into the project and I give them their second favorite image in color to use however they see fit. They can post either photo on any social media network and they're all high resolution jpgs. Then I upload their photo to the website and add their image to the posting schedule. 

What are you shooting these portraits with?

I am using my Canon Mark III body, and a 35mm 1.4 lens. 

What post processing are you doing on the images?

I process all of my images in Lightroom.

If you have additional questions, send in a form through the website. Thanks!